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**Hopewell's Hometown Heroes Program**

Banners are planned for display from Memorial Day Through Veterans Day

The program is open to all Hopewell area residents and those having any connection with the city.  The purpose is to honor veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Reserve, National Guard, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine or Women’s Air Service Pilots who have served their country in peace or war, at home or abroad.

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Q: What is the Hometown Heroes-Veterans Recognition Program?

A: This is a special program which seeks to recognize the contributions made to the United States by U.S. military veterans; and to make area residents aware of their unselfish service to the Nation.

Q: Who is eligible to be recognized with a banner?

A: Any man or woman who has served in one or more of the following:  U.S. Army/Army Reserve, U.S. Navy/Navy Reserve, U.S. Marine Corps/Marine Corps Reserve, U.S. Air Force. Air Force Reserve, Army National Guard, Air Force National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard/Coast Guard Reserve, U.S. Merchant Marine, Women Airforce Service Pilots

Q: Does the veteran have to be or have been a Hopewell resident?

A: No. Anyone with some local affiliation is eligible (examples: a current resident who wishes to honor a family member who is a veteran; or an area employer who wishes to honor an employee who is a veteran; or a person who wishes to honor a friend who is a veteran).

Q: Who may apply to purchase a banner?

A: Anyone who wishes to be a donor.

Q: How do I get a banner?

A: Complete the Banner Application which is available on the Military Tribute Banners.org website. Follow the application instructions contained on the website.

Q: How much does it cost to purchase a banner?

A: Each banner costs $95.00

Q: Can I purchase more than one banner?

A: Yes, more than one banner may be purchased.

Q: How do I pay for the banner?

A: The City requires donors pay by credit card, cash, check or money order. Follow pay instructions on the Military Tribute Banner website.

Q: What photograph should I use?

A: Any photo, black and white or color is acceptable. The photo should be of the veteran only and is preferred that the veteran be in uniform in the photo. The image must be in digital (electronic file) format so it may be transferred to the banner. The digital image must be in JPEG format and at least have a resolution of 300 dpi. 

Q: I only have an old photo of the veteran. Where can I get a digital image made of the photo?

A: Old photos can be copied at many photo shops or drug stores who offer photo services. CVS and Walgreen’s in Hopewell, and Staples and Walmart in Colonial Heights offer this copying service.

Q: What form of electronic photo is acceptable when applying for a banner?

A: Digital photos may be submitted directly to the vendor on the Military Tribute Banners.org website.

IMPORTANT!  Regardless of how the digital photo is submitted, please make sure the photo includes the veteran’s full name, period of service, and the donor’s name and contact telephone number; just in case the photo becomes separated from the application.

Q: How do I know that my application has been accepted?

A: Donors will receive a receipt once the application is process. The receipt will be transmitted to the donor the same way the application was received. For example, if the application was sent by mail, the receipt will be return to the donor by mail.

Q: When I purchase a banner, does it belong to me or the City of Hopewell?

A: The banner belongs to the donor. It is on loan to the City for the duration of the program. It will be returned at the donor’s request.

Q: What happens if I want to keep the banner?

A: Contact the City's Public Works Department to coordinate return of the banner at the end of the year’s program (after Veterans Day).

Q: How is the banner ordered?

A: Spopnsors complete an application on the Military Tribute Banners.org website. Once the form is complete, a photo has been received, and the City receives payment or confirmation of payment (credit card), the City orders the banner from the banner supplier.

Q: What if the form is not complete or the City has a question?

A: The donor will be contacted and the problem or issue addressed. Once clarified, the banner will be ordered from the banner supplier.

Q: What if the City has a problem with the form and the issue cannot be resolved?

A: In the very rare instance that a problem cannot be addressed or clarified, the banner will not be ordered and the purchase price refunded to the donor.

Q: When will the banners be displayed and for how long?

A: The banners will be displayed from Memorial Day (end of May) through Veterans Day (November 11th).

Q: Where will the banners be displayed?

A: It is planned to display the banners on North Main, Library, East Cawson, East Broadway and Appomattox Streets. Banners will be displayed from the light fixtures lining those streets. As the number of banners increases, other locations will be added.

Q: Is a booklet being prepared or will one become available which provides some background information about the veterans appearing on the banners?

A: The idea is being considered, but such a booklet has not been produced.