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Hopewell Memorial Post 146

       Main Activity Room Rental Policy

June 2019






Fees / Payments

Fee Schedule




2 to 4 hours



5 or more hours



American Legion Post 146, 217 East City Point Road, Hopewell, VA 23860



Nr of Guests

Cost per Guest

39 or less


40 to 74


75 or more



Rental Process Timeline


Setup / Decorations







Alcoholic Beverages

Having alcoholic beverages present at an event requires additional actions on the part of the renter. Review the Alcoholic Beverage Policy if alcoholic beverages are planned to be part of the event.


Other Spaces within the American Legion Building

Only members of any recognized American Legion, Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.) or American Legion Auxiliary (A.L.A) are allowed in the Post Club Room; and the Club Room may not be used for any other purpose. Use of the Club Room is not included in this Rental Agreement.


Amendments and Changes

This policy may be changed, amended or updated at any regular meeting of the Executive Committee. Proposed changes, amendments, or updates must first be presented to the full Executive Committee for review and discussion at least one regular meeting prior to taking a vote on accepting the proposed change, amendment or update.



Robert H. Brown, Jr.