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A new set of By-Laws has been proposed for the Post.  These By-Laws build upon the current By-Laws but add some new features:

1.  Format reflects that of the National By-Laws

2.  Officer positions include a short description of the duties of the position

3.  Amendments (Art XII, Section 1) Proposed time for notifying members of proposed amendments is changed from 20 days to 15 days. This allows the proposed changes to be published and distributed using the Post newsletter in advance to effect notification in advance of a regular general membership meeting.

4. Financial Authority (Art II, Section 6) is changed to reflect current costs and appropriately delegate financial approval authority to appropriate levels which allow quick responsefor needed repairs and equipment or supply replacement or purchases.


Proposed new by-laws were discussed at the July 16th General Membership Meeting.  Some changes were suggested.  Those changes/clarifications were added to a revised version of the by-laws identified as DRAFT VERSION 4.

An open working meeting to review and discuss the draft was held on Tuesday, August 13th.  Comments, changes, and revisions discussed and developed in that meeting have been incorporated in DRAFT VERSION 5.  

Since August, additional suggested changes have been received and incorporated in DRAFT VERSION 6. The changes/corrections in Version 6 deal mostly with grammar, easier reading, and with corrected references.  However, two changes are more significant.

  • Article II - Management, Section 8 now specifies the reasons why and procedure for removing an officer from office
  • Article XII - Amendments, Section 1 was changed to use the same procedure as detailed in the Post Constitution

Draft Version 6 of the proposed Post By-Laws may be viewed and downloaded here: /files/146_By-Laws_July_2019-Final_Draft_6.pdf