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The proposed revised Post Constitution includes updates and format changes which better reflect the National Constitution; specifically identify those units on the Post 146 Amereican Legion Family (Art VII) and change the the required notification period for presenting amendments (Art IX, Section 2) from 20 days to 15 days so that notification may be made using the Post newsletter, which is published at least 15 days prior to a regularly scheduled general membership meeting.



The proposed new constitution was discussed at the July 16th General Membership Meeting.  Some changes were suggested.  Those changes/clarifications have been add to a revised constitution identified as DRAFT VERSION 3.

That version was reviewed on August 16th at an open working meeting; the purpose of which was to review and discuss the proposed Post Constitution. As a result of that meeting, a new draft, DRAFT VERSION 4, was developed.  

Comments have recently been received and are now incorporated in a new DRAFT VERSION 5. The latest changes are to

  • Art VI, Charter Members: changed the phrase "prior to" to "on or before"
  • Art VII, Finance: added Section 3 to address payment of annual District dues
  • Art IX, Amendments: revised to clarify the amendment process

The above changes are shown in RED.

Draft Version 5 of the proposed Post Constitution may be viewed and downloaded here: /files/146_Constitution_Jul_2019-Final_Draft_5.pdf

Hard copies of Draft Version 5 are also available at the Post in the Club Room.